Aspose.Powerpoint WebForms tutorial



Can you give me a step by step tutorial on how to simply load a powerpoint file for Web Forms? The demo files that you have are very confusing andI cannot photos in the slidesnavigator frame. I was trying to look for the part of the code that defines what files it load and I cannot find it. I looked also in the help file but I didn’t find anything that is as straight-forward as aspose.excel.web that only calls

ImportExcelFile(fileName) method

Please help.


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Dear Jewel,

For Aspose.PowerPoint it’s only one step too.

Please check Presentation constructor.
And short example in the class description.



Ok I still cannot understand how your control works, I tried to use the code that you gave me and it gave me this error. Please see screenshot




Dear Jewel,

Example in the API reference is a fragment of a code.
This code doesn’t contain variable definition. But I hope you can add it before ForEach loop.

Dim slide As slide

For full real sources please check demos. For example TextDemo.vb.
All demos in the demos\VB directory are short enough.