[Aspose.PSD NET] - High RAM Usage

Hi, Aspose.PSD seems to use a lot of RAM to load PSD files.

In the example project below, it uses up to 2.5GB of memory just to load a 222MB file (with multiple GC triggered).
In our real world usage, we’ve seen cases where it went up to 30GB loading the same file.

Can you guys take a look? Are there any ways to limit the memory usage? I’ve tried Aspose.PSD Performance Improvement using Customizable Cache|Documentation and LoadOptions.BufferSizeHint | Aspose.PSD for .NET API Reference but neither of them are working.

            using (var image = (PsdImage)Image.Load("source.psd", new PsdLoadOptions { DataRecoveryMode = DataRecoveryMode.MaximalRecover }))
                Console.WriteLine("PSD Loaded!");


Link to example: AsposeDemo.zip - Google Drive

@OrangeLogic could you please change sharing restriction for the file in Google Drive. I get the error: “The organization that owns this item doesn’t allow you to access it”

I’ve edited the link. Can you try again?

@OrangeLogic I’ve downloaded input files. I’ll text you back after the investigation.