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Aspose.Recurrence & No Touch Deployment


I am trying to use your product in a No Touch Deployment scenario. It seems to be getting a security error when I instanitate the object. Does your component support NTD? Does you component makes any calls to classes within the System.IO namespace or any COM based objects?



Aspose.Recurrence does not call any COM objects, but it uses System.IO when reading license from a file or from a stream.

It also uses XmlSerialization if serializing recurrence patterns and makes some calls to System.Runtime.Reflection, System.Net, System.Security.Cryptography, System.Runtime.InteropServices when dealing with licensing. For example it calls GetSystemInfo function in kernel32 also for licensing purposes.

Is there a way to identify exactly what is causing the security error in NTD?
Can you change security policies easily? If not, then we will try to change our code so it works with default NTD settings, but it will help if you know what is causing the security error as we don’t have NTD environment here yet.

Thanks for the quick response. I have included the “problem” code below. Please note that I am currently using the demo component because we have not purchased the full product yet for fear that it might not work with NTD. I do not know the exact cause of the problem, however I can tell you how to recreate the error.

1. Copy this code into a Windows form in its button click event.
2. Make a reference to the Aspose.Recurrence DLL
3. Expose the folder containing the .exe for that windows form to the Intranet or Internet
4. Browse to the .exe using IE. For example http://localhost/SampleApp/Sample.Exe
5. You should get the same security error we get.

You however have the unobfiscated code so you could just step through it and see what happends. Normally the default settings for NTD do not like anything in the System.IO. namespace. We cannot change our security policies.

Dim recur As Daily = New Daily(2)
recur.StartDate = New DateTime(2000, 4, 15)
m_occurrences = New DateArray
recur.GenerateOccurrences(New DateTime(2000, 5, 1), New DateTime(2000, 5, 31), m_occurrences)
Dim occurrence As DateTime


Thanks, I’ll see what we can do because we want Aspose components to support NTD okay.

Hi Drv,

I managed to get through the first obstacle, our assembly needed a special attribute so it can be loaded under NTD conditions. I fixed that and I can load it and run in the evaluation mode.

But now I came to the real obstacle. Current licensing code in our components does some System.IO access and other low level calls which are restricted in NTD.

By looking at the licensing code we concluded that we probably can make Unlimited license type to support NTD. We cannot support other license types in NTD as this does not let us do enough license checks.

Please indicate if you will be okay to purchase Unlimited license (check the pricing) if Aspose.Recurrence supported NTD. If yes, we are likely to support NTD in 1-2 weeks.

Thanks for the quick response sorry it has take me so long to get back to you. We have decided not to pursue NTD at this time if it requires that we puchase an unlimited license. Instead we have decided to deploy via an install package and just use the limited license for our Recurrence needs.

Thanks for all your help in resolving this issue.