Aspose.Slide export error

I am trying to export the a report on reporting servies to powerpoint. There is a chart missing from one of the page, when exporting, it gave the error. When we export to pdf, the eror disappear. But we really need the slide view.Could anybody tell what the problem is? Thanks a lot.

Dear l.lin,

Thanks for using Aspose.Slides for RS.

We are trying to fix this problem. Please provide us your RDL document and generated reports from it in ppt and pdf formats.

You can zip all these three files and attach on this post.

Thanks for your reply. Here attached the rdl, it has a master report and several sub report. Here attached the subreport which gave the error. Also attached the pdf format of the report export (page 9 and 11 are the subreprot result). Pdf is fine, just the ppt won't work.Please let me know if you need any more information. I have about 100 different brokers to run. It exports fine for most of them, just a couple have the problem. Took us a while to figure out that it was because of the missing portion of the chart on the page.

I think, you have not provided source RDL file, because RDL file is actually an XML document. Please also provide example of presentation generated by Aspose.Slides for RS from the source RDL file.

If you want to see how RDL looks like, visit this link.

Sorry, My bad. I attached the wrong file. Here it is…