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I have a question on Aspose tool on installing SQL Server Reporting Services
We have a scenario to export the report into PPT slide and we dont have that option in SQL Server Reporting Services. We need to know for the following scenario can be done when we install Aspose tool in SQL Server Reporting Services.

For ex: we have 3 tables, subtables in the single report / RDL and we can export into excel with 3
different tabs by giving “page break before this table” option…But we need to know whether we can avail the same option when we try to export into PPT slide with the help of Aspose component installed in SQL Server Reporting Services. Each table should come in different Slides.

Expecting your reply, Thanks in Advance.


Hi Fazlu,

I think, i can't fully understand your question, it will be better if you provide a sample excel report as mentioned. As a matter of fact, you can implement your logic in the RDL report and then export to ppt / pptx using the export option. In simple words, whatever you can preview in the report, is exported to ppt / pptx, like page 1 exported to slide 1, page 2 exported to slide 2 and so on....

Hello Fazlu,

May be I can help with answer.

Aspose.Slides for Reporting Services doesn’t add any special features to RDL reports. We render reports to ppt/pptx formats to make slides look as close as possible to the reports generated with standard TIFF exporter. If your question is something like “how to change RDL report to get some special formatting of a report” then please refer to the MSDN, RDL and Reporting Services documentation.

Hi Sabir,

As you are not completely understand my scenario, let me explain you in detail…

My original requirement is to create a 3 different report and to export the all 3 different reports into excel file, in which each report should comes in 3 different WorkSheets. For this what i did was, i created only one single report RDL with 3 tables one below one for each report (Parameters selections are same for all 3 reports) and i can select the “Page Break Option” to export 3 different tables into single excel file to get each report in different WorkSheets.

Here is my question to you, when we install the Aspose Slides on SQL Server Reporting Services, can we achieve the same in PPT Slide as mentioned above (one PPT file, 3 different Slide for 3 different tables with the same “Page Break” option i selected). Hope you understand my question better now.

Thanks and Regards,

Hi Fazlu,

I got your point. If you have three tables with page break at the end, Aspose.Slides for Reporting Services will produce an extra slide for each page break. For your scenario where you have three tables with page breaks at the end, assuming that each table has data that will not exceed one page, Aspose.Slides for Reporting Services will produce six slides with slide no 1,3,5 with tables 1,2,3 respectively and slide no 2,4,6 as empty slides. I have produced an issue for our development team to investigate for extra slides with issue id 11257 and you will be informed as soon as this issue is resolved.