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Aspose Slides - Applying colour schemes

We are currently using a licensed version of the Aspose for Slides API in an application we are developing and are pleased with the product so far however we have an urgent query which hopefully you can answer quite quickly. Using the Aspose tool, we are currently creating a master PowerPoint presentation based on various PowerPoint slides held in different sources. We are also using the Master slide from a ‘Cover’ slide to determine the style of the presentation. Some of the slides contain custom graphics such as charts and custom shapes.

Please would you advise us if it is possible to apply a colour scheme to such slides and if so, please would you provide an example of how this may be achieved using either C# or preferably VB.NET ?

Thanks in advance,

Allan Ashton (

Tel +44 (0)20 795 11263

Current version allows just read color scheme (Slide.GetSchemeColor) but you can’t change it.
The workaround is read scheme colors from master slide and set the same colors for all shapeson your slide.

Please can you tell me if there are any plans to implement this functionality at any stage? If not please would it be possible to request this as an ad-hoc change? We can see that is achievable via Office Automation.

Is color scheme urgent requirement for you?
We can implement it but little later.

Yes. This is an urgent requirement as the ability to change colour schemes automatically is a mandatory feature of the application we are building using Aspose. Please can you advise when this feature can be built into the core Aspose Slides product?

Ok, I will try to implement this feature on this week, may be on weekends.

Thankyou. This will be greatly appreciated!! Big Smile [:D]