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Aspose Slides Compatibility with MS Office 2007

Currently , we are using Powerpoint
2003 and Aspose appears to be working well with it. What is its
compatibility with MS Powerpoint 2007. Do you have a version of Aspose slides for Java
available for MS Powerpoint2007. If not, when will that version be shipped .


We also use Aspose.slides for .net for Office 2003 and our customers are asking for MS Powerpoint 2007 support. Can you please let me know the planned release date?

We currently have the same issues, and after talking with someone from Aspose this morning, the best they could tell me is that it was “in the works”. :frowning:

Dear Suraj,

It is in our plan to support pptx format both in .NET and in JAVA versions of Aspose.Slides and we are working on it. Currently we have got a limited success in implementation of pptx format in .NET, as soon as it is completed; we will port it to JAVA version without any problem.

Initial pptx support (the same like in .net version) is ready and we are preparing release.
It should be available in a week or two.

Do we have good news? How is the release going?

I’ve several slides including object connected using connectors. I can see
everything including all the
connectors working, in Ms office 2003. BUT in
2007; I get the following error message when openning the file [see the
attached figure for the error message] and when I click open anyways, I see only
some of the slides, and some others are empty slides (if I comment out the
code that it draws the connectors I get the file openning both in 2003 &
2007). Could this be the result of the potential incompatibility mentioned
above, would it help if I attach a sample of the file with errors. Please let
me know if you want me to provide further information.


I am having people ask me about Office 2007 support also.
Is there any news on the JAVA release yet?

Next Java release should be available on this weekend.

Moussa, currently there is no fix for problem with connectors in PP2007.

Hello Aspose team,

Is there a date for next version of Aspose Slides for .Net ?

Thanks !

Aspose doesn’t want to reply ? someone else knows ?


Dear Videt,

Actually, Aspose.Slides team is busy in making a new release of Aspose.Slides for Java that is expected to be released this weekend. However, they will soon share their plans about the next release of Aspose.Slides for .NET in this thread.

Thanks for the patience.

Thank you very much !

We are releasing .Net version also on this weekend but there won’t be any pptx changes yet.
Next pptx update should be available before August, 06.

Hi Shakeel,

Do you have any rough idea When can the Aspose slides will support the 2007 Powerpoint(PPTX format).



Hello Ajay,

First beta support for pptx format was added to Aspose.Slides for Java
in 1.8.5 version released on July, 29. You can download latest 1.8.6 here.