Aspose.Slides Evaluation Only after Updating from Version 20.9 to 22.4

Hello team!
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I update aspose library in my project from 20.9 to 22.4 version. And now i have a problem - all imported slides have watermark “Evaluation only…”. After setLicense method i’m also tryed to check license state with isLicensed method and it always return false. Tryed different variations setLicense method with file path and file stream. Download last license file. Non of them was successful. What did i miss? What could be the problem?

License apply code snippet:

System::String path(u"");
auto lic = System::MakeObject<Aspose::Slides::License>();

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Please follow the instructions below to securely transfer your license to us. We will test it and help you properly soon.

Thank you for the license file. I’ve tested it and found no issues. There were no watermarks on my end. Please check carefully a path to your license file in your app. If the issue persists, please try creating a new empty project and test the issue.