Aspose.Slides for Java: Internal Error: Attempted Duplicate Class Definition

Hi Team,

We are using Aspose 22.4 slides java. And in our dockerenviroment which works on azure, we are getting the below error for very first time when we try to download a pptx.

“errorMessage”: “Handler dispatch failed; nested exception is java.lang.LinkageError: loader org.springframework.boot.loader.LaunchedURLClassLoader @39c1fe0b attempted duplicate class definition for com.aspose.slides.internal.fu.this. (com.aspose.slides.internal.fu.this is in unnamed module of loader org.springframework.boot.loader.LaunchedURLClassLoader @39c1fe0b, parent loader ‘app’)”,
“timeMillis”: 0

Could you please help us to resolve this error ?


Thank you for contacting support.

Please check dependencies in your project carefully. The error may occur when another version of Aspose.Slides additionally is included. If this is not the case, please describe step by step how to reproduce the error on our end and share a sample project.