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Aspose Slides Rendering to HTML issues

Hi Aspose Team,

We are having a number of issues with the converting of a pptx presentation to html. some of the slides are rendered as blank, some are mirrored (flipped) and some a the orientation and aspect ratio is messed up. I have attached a presentation that is causing these issues.GUAG-Kick-Off.zip (1.4 MB)

We are running a paid version Aspose.Total license
We are running the latest stable Nuget package of Aspose.Slides for .NET (17.7.0)

Your assistance is highly appreciated, this is preventing us from deploying this aspect of our solution.



I have worked with presentation file shared by you using Aspose.Slides for .NET 17.7 on my end using following sample code. I have not been able to observe the issue on my end in generated HTML.

Presentation pres = new Presentation(path + "GUAG-Kick-Off.pptx");
pres.Save(path + "GUAG-Kick-Off.html", Aspose.Slides.Export.SaveFormat.Html);

GUAG-Kick-Off.zip (1.7 MB)

Thanks for the response.
Unfortunately we cannot achieve the same result, please find the generated html file we get here : preview_59a10c95-ff87-4ff8-a599-b2bad683d072.zip (1.2 MB)

We generate the html using the following code:

    Presentation presentation = new Presentation(fileStream);
    using (var convertedFileStream = new MemoryStream())
        presentation.Save(convertedFileStream, Aspose.Slides.Export.SaveFormat.Html);

I have tried as a test the method of reading the file from disk, but the results are the same.


This is very strange. I have also used Aspose.Slides for .NET 17.7 and have shared the correct output with you. I request you to please provide a working Visual Studio project along with Operating system details so that I may further investigate this on my end.


For sensitivity reasons I cannot provide our solution, but i have created a sample web solution where the issue is reproducible.
I have also omitted our license file from the source for obvious reasons.
We are running in Microsoft Azure 32 bit web apps.
AsposeSlidesWebApp.zip (1.8 MB)


Another thing we have had problems with is very high memory usage and experience “Out of Memory” exceptions on a number of occasions.
AsposeSlidesHighMemoryUsage.png (10.9 KB)

We have also noticed during routine performance profiling that there is a memory leak in this assembly.



I have observed the sample project shared by you and have tried opening the project on my end. I have obtained this view on my end with two slides in it. I am unable to see issue of empty slides. Moreover, I have also used my license on my end.


I suspect you are only seeing two slides because of the memory issue.
There is a message on the top indicating a pathing problem, please change the paths in code to suit your setup.



Thank you for sharing the clarification. An issue with ID SLIDESNET-39233 has been created in our issue tracking system to further investigate and resolve the issue. This thread has been linked with the issue so that you may be automatically notified once the issue will be fixed.

Thanks for your attention on this matter. I look forward to the resolution.