Aspose slides requirement


My customer has this requirement, we’ve a business requirement to merge bunch of power point slides into a power point presentation, we understand that Aspose slides for .Net / Java can be used for this purpose, would you please clarify couple of queries that we have on Aspose as below:

1. pls. confirm if aspose slides for .Net /Java can ne used for this, and will this allow power point numbering and other features provided by power point programmatically.
2. finally, if this require the power point installation on the server to support above feature.

Pls. clarify them asap and will try to call you after some time.



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It will be just 9 or 10 .ppt files that needs to be merged, it can be any .ppt files.


Hello M.Irfan,

Thanks for considering Aspose.

1 - Yes, you can use Aspose.Slides to merge any number of presentations.
2 - No, you don’t require PowerPoint to be installed.