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Aspose.Slides SVG export (Java-Version)


I have discovered two issues regarding Aspose.Slides SVG export (Java-Version).
Please see the attached image for details.
I would appreciate if you could fix those issues in the near future.

Best regards,
p.p. Michael

1.Text Position problem

This occurs when building up a PPT presentation with Aspose.Slides onboard tools and calling the slide.saveToSVG() method. The text elements of the SVG do not match the position of those in the PPT file.

To avoid it, I discovered that you first have to save it as a PPT file, read it again into a Presentation object before converting it into a SVG file.

I assume that you can work around the file export by holding the byte code in some buffered array object.

2.Individual shapes problem

All individual shapes (collection of connected points) will not be renderer in SVG when using a PPT modified by Microsoft Power Point. Instead a ballon shape appears.

When building up those shapes using Aspose.Slides, the shapes are rendered correctly when exporting to SVG (first of course export to PPT as mentioned above).

Dear kkrafft,

Thanks for reporting. I would also need your source powerpoint, which reproduce this bug.

Further, you should disable the Fast Save option in MS-PowerPoint from Tools-- > Options -- > Save, because incremental build also causes such problems.

Hallo msfaiz,
It look like the second issue only occurs when using MS Office 2007. With MS Office 2003 the shapes are rendered correctly.

The first issue is difficult to reproduce in a simple way. Our application is building this presentation with lots of dynamic data, including some functionality that replaces text several times to avoid overlaps. And actually we are pleased with the workaround to save it as a PPT file before exporting it to SVG. I’ve tried to extract the essential java code causing the problem with some exemplary data, but I didn’t manage to do this…

Anyway, thanks for the quick reply,

Dear Michael,

Such a problem should be solved if presentation is saved back by MS-PowerPoint with Save As… menu command. Because, when presentation is saved in such a way, then MS-PowerPoint creates a full document structure from scratch instead of updating it with new records.

This is why, I asked you to disable Fast Save option. It is easy for Aspose.Slides to manipulate full build then incremental builds.

If problem is still not resolved then, it is possibly a bug in Aspose.Slides and should be fixed.

Hallo msfaiz,
I have tried to save the PPT document with both, the Save and the Save as menu command, but the SVG result is corrupt in every way. This only happens when using MS-PowerPoint 2007.
Apparently the Fast save option is no longer available in MS-Power Point 2007

Please attach the source presentation.