Aspose.Spell.Suite Product Preview


Dear customers,

The Product Suite

We’re proposing to make a product suite Aspose.Spell.Suite which includes:

1. Aspose.Spell.Engine. It is the existing Aspose.Spell, an invisible control that enables you to check spelling in your Windows or Web applications. It will be renamed to Aspose.Spell.Engine when the product suite is available for sale.

2. Aspose.Spell.Web. It is proposed to be a Web visible control with some cool features that can be available in Web platform only.

3. Aspose.Spell.Windows. It is proposed to be a Web visible control with some cool features that can be available in Windows platform only.

The Inside Out

Everything is under proposal so I can not mention too much here on how the product suite will look like. However, two things are quite sure.

1. Independence.

(1). Aspose.Spell.Engine can be used independently without Aspose.Spell.Web and Aspose.Spell.Windows.

(2). Both Aspose.Spell.Web and Aspose.Spell.Windows are dependent on Aspose.Spell.Engine.

(3). Aspose.Spell.Web and Aspose.Spell.Windows are independent on each other.

I welcome you guys to request features in this forum for the Aspose.Spell.Suite.


Dear Nels, As-you-type is a cool feature we’d love to support. But please tell me, are you planning to use it in Windows applications or Web applications? As it behaves differently in Window platform and Web platform, we will provide another two separate products: Aspose.Spell.Windows and Aspose.Spell.Web to support those platform specific features. More info please check Product Preview. You’re encouraged to post here further.


hi ,

Just wanted to check it Aspose.Spell is convered under the same license as Aspose.Total for .net


Hi ,

I would be using it for Web application. And I have the license for Aspose.Total for .net. Could you please let me know that Aspose.Spell is convered in the same or it will be different license


Hi Krunal,

Thanks for your inquiry and apologies for the late reply. The Aspose.Spell component was implemented years ago but was discontinued in 2009 due to lack of popularity.

Please see the discontinued products section of the site for further details.