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Aspose.SVG converts into multiple bmp images

Aspose.SVG converts large SVG into multiple BMPs. Should only be one.

using (var document = new SVGDocument(@"C:\Users\niels\Desktop\Workspace\sample.svg"))
	var saveOptions = new ImageSaveOptions(ImageFormat.Bmp);
	Aspose.Svg.Converters.Converter.ConvertSVG(document, saveOptions, @"C:\Users\niels\Desktop\Workspace\sample.bmp");
} (100.3 KB)


We have logged a feature request as SVG-108 in our issue tracking system for the implementation of your requirements. We will further look into details of the ticket and let you know as soon as additional updates are available regarding feature availability. Please be patient and spare us some time.

We apologize for your inconvenience.