Aspose Table structure issue for Attachment 2 Template

We are facing table structure disruption issue when document merged using Aspose. Expected version is attached as OpenXML Generated.docx and the one which has issue with table structure is - Aspose Generated.docx. Attaching the C# Code as well .

Aspose Generated.docx (26.3 KB)
Attachment1.docx (123.8 KB)
Attachment2.docx (22.2 KB)
OpenXML Generated.docx (6.4 MB)
Tempate 1.docx (20.3 KB)
Template 2.docx (24.0 KB)

@NIKHIL.AGGARWAL30.OPTUM.COM Please use ImportFormatMode.KeepSourceFormatting to get the desired output. Also, you can use the code I have suggested in another your thread. If you start not from an empty document like in your code, but from your real document, there are more chances the correct styles are already there in the document and compatibility option of your real document will be used. This might affect the document layout.