Aspose Tasks very Slow to read MPP

I am suing a trial version of Aspose Tasks for .NET Core
I am experiencing a perfomance issue. To read 1200 Tasks I take over 3 minutes.
Using my old license version, this not occurs.
Is there any perfomance degradation on trial version ?


I suggest you to please try using latest Aspose.Tasks 20.9 on your end. In case you feel that there is any performance related issue, please share the following information for further investigation on our end.

  • Sample project
  • Source file
  • Machine specifications
  • Statistics achieved on your end

Hi @mudassir.fayyaz
I have tested the same code with my licensed version and without the license.
Three tests:

  • With my licensed version: 9 seconds to read all tasks ( version)
  • With Version but without reading license (3.9 MB)
    (120 seconds)
  • With Aspose Tasks Latest version (demo) (120 seconds)

We can assume that the problem is with non licensed version ? I am afraid to buy the new version and got long time to read.

Attached my sample code.


Using Aspose.Tasks for .NET 20.10 on my end and using valid API license, it took only 7 seconds for me to execute the project. Please check the attached screenshot for reference.

image.png (58.1 KB)