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the customer wants to use aspose to realize the cutout function of the picture, the attachment is for reference. Using accessories 1 and 2 and 3, combined into picture 4. May I ask which component function of aspose needs to be used? Is there any link recommendation, looking forward to your reply
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Thanks for the screenshots.

May be you could try to use Aspose.Imaging or Aspose.PSD API to manipulate images. Anyways, I am moving your thread to Aspose.Imaging at the moment where your requirements would be evaluated and you will be assisted accordingly.

@chenj, Try using the Clip method from the Graphics class. See more details here please

*In this case, the area for cropping is specified manually the form of GraphicPath.
At the moment, it is not possible to automatically select an area for cropping.

Thank you very much for your reply, we will test it.

@chenj, One of the next releases, will implement selection using the MagicWand tool This should help you with selection the required area.