Aspose.Total for iOS version

I found the Android version of Aspose.Total on the aspose website, but I didn’t see the iOS version. Would you please tell me whether you have a plan to develop the iOS version? If have, when will it release? Thanks.


Currently I am afraid we do not have Aspose.Total for iOS package but we recently have released an individual API named Aspose.Email for iOS via Xamarin. Meanwhile other teams are working on creating similar APIs and as soon as we have some further updates, we will let you know.

However, you may consider downloading latest release of Aspose.Email for iOS via Xamarin 17.8.

Hi codewarior,

Thanks for your reply.
Now we are searching for the solution of converting office files to PDF or Images to add to our app. We need both Android and iOS version. Could you tell me the approximate release time, the end of this year or first half of next year? so that we can decide whether to wait for your release? Thanks very much.


Thanks for sharing the details.

We are currently working on Aspose.Words for iOS via Xamarin which will offer the capabilities to create and manipulate MS Word files. Using this API, you will get the leverage to convert MS Word files and Image files to PDF, DOC, HTML, XPS and some other supported formats. This API is planned to release in next month and as soon as it becomes available, we will let you know.

Furthermore concerning to the conversion of other office file formats including PowerPoint presentation and Excel worksheets, I am afraid currently we do not have any near future plans regarding the release of APIs supporting these versions, but as soon as we have some further updates, we will let you know. We are sorry for this inconvenience.


Thanks for sharing this information.
Could you please tell me something about the long-term plan? Or who can I know about these plans? Because we are plan to purchase your .Net solution, if the iOS solution can also be ready, we will buy a full set of programs. Thanks.


As shared earlier, currently Aspose.Email for iOS via Xamarain is available and Aspose.Words for iOS via Xamarin will become available in next month. However for other APIs, I am afraid currently we do not have any concrete information regarding their release and we might be able to share further details by end this year or starting next year.


OK, Thanks.