Aspose.Total for Java for version that compatible with JDK 1.4

I would like to ask you regarding the version of Aspose.Total for Java, as I would like to purchase in urgently but I need the version that compatible with JDK 1.4

Could you advise on below question.

  • Can I purchase the license and use with the old version of software that compatible with JDK 1.4?
  • If yes, how can I get the packet for version that compatible with JDK 1.4?



Thanks for contacting support.

Our APIs support JDK 1.6 or higher versions. However concerning to your requirement on creating APIs versions compatible with JDK 1.4, we are in coordination with product teams and will get back to you soon.


Thank you for your feed back, I am looking forward for your product team asap as we need to purchase right now, thanks.


I have further discussed with team and I am afraid we may not be able to support JDK 1.4 as it is quite an older version. We recommend you to please upgrade your JDK installation and try using latest release versions of API’s.


If in case we no need support, just need to purchase the license is it possiable? Or is it possible to purchase the latest version and downgrade to version that support JDK 1.4

Below packet we needed.
• aspose-pdf-9.7.1-jdk14.jar
• Aspose.Words.jdk14.jar


I am afraid the API versions supporting JDK 1.4 were quite old and they may lack some great features introduced in recent release versions.

Furthermore concerning to downgrading to older JDK version, I am afraid we have not tested the APIs with old JDK versions, but you may consider downloading the trial version and request a 30 days temporary license to test the APIs without any limitations. Temporary License - Purchase -