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Aspose.Total for Java Q3 2008

What’s New in Aspose.Total for Java Q3 2008:<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

Aspose.Slides for Java

New Features

1. PPTX (beta version) is supported. Currently, it can read and write simple PPTX presentations. It's possible that PPTX API will be slightly changed in the next versions. All *Ex classes will be moved to a separate package.

Bug Fixes

1. Image warped on cloned slide.

2. Bullets appearing after cloning slides.

3. Reading bold and italic properties of a text.

4. Problem when viewing presentations in PowerPoint 2007.

5. Doubling text frames and attaching them to connectors, lines or images.

6. Missing grouped shapes.

7. Tables converted to GroupShape.

8. Losing bold/italic text formatting after slide cloning, saving PPT or thumbnail rendering.

9. Losing bullets formatting after slide cloning, saving PPT or thumbnail rendering.

10. Accent characters lose font definition after cloning.

11. Setting bullet height didn't work.

12. Text could lose or get new wrong bullets after slide cloning.

13. Bullets appear in table cells after slide cloning or just saving presentation.

14. “NullReferenceException” exception on creating thumbnail image of a master slide.

15. CloneSlide changes shape of quotation characters.

16. Fixed issues related to Paragraph and Portion formatting.

Aspose.Pdf.Kit for Java

New Features

1. Supports creating nested bookmarks.

2. Supports importing/exporting bookmarks from/to XML files.

3. Comments (annotations) can be extracted.

4. Combo Box with exported values can be created.

5. Supports JavaScript and Action features.

6. Import various types of annotations to PDF file.

7. More annotation types are supported.

8. Form.setField method is enhanced for filling forms more flexibly.

9. New methods like addListItem, delListItem, addSubmitBtn and setFieldLimit are added in FormEditor class for enhancing form fields manipulation.

10. A new method FormFieldFacade.setFontDir is added for better support of CJK font.

Bug Fixes

1. AutoFiller.importData error.

2. TXT-displaying problem in some PDFs after using Form.addField.

3. A bug related to PDF Attachment.

4. Link lost after stamping.

5. replaceText throws “NullPointerException” exception.

6. Unordered images when converting PDF.

7. “ClassCastException” exception on form filling.

Aspose.BarCode for Java

New Features

1. OneCode barcode recognition is supported.

2. Supports MacroPdf417 barcode recognition.

3. Several improvements are made to recognition engine for increasing its performance.

Bug Fixes

1. Fixed bugs in the POSTNET barcode recognition.

2. Fixed bugs in the Planet barcode recognition.

Aspose.Metafiles for Java

New Features

1. New method, Metafile.getTextStrings is added that returns all text strings from a metafile.

2. TextOutOperation class is added which represents text string in a metafile with simple rendering rules like transformation matrix, position, color and font etc.

3. Metafile.getTextOutOperations method is added that returns array of TextOutOperation objects.

4. MinPixelCount (get|set) and MaxPixelCount (get|set) values which define minimal and maximal limits for image size (x*y) generated by createDefaultRendering method. Image will be scaled in case it exceeds limits.

Bug Fixes

1. Fixed MetafilesException: Error reading Wmf record number ###.

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