Aspose.Total for .NET - FIPS Compliance


Hi there,

With ASPOSE, we are having issues with FIPS Compliance.
When FIPS is enabled for our web application, while trying to set the license for the aspose components in the code, it throws error. And it’s very important to have this issue resolved because we have many clients who need to run the our application with FIPS enabled.

And our subscription is up for renewal in 2 weeks.
In order to have us make a decision on the Subscription renewal, we need to know if there is a FIPS compliant version of Aspose.Total for .NET. Please kindly review and advise.

Thanks & Regards,


Additional Information -
Our application is trying to set the license for the following ASPOSE components -
Aspose.Words [Version of DLL used -]
Aspose.Cells [Version of DLL used -]
Aspose.PDF [Version of DLL used -]
Aspose.Slides [Version of DLL used -]



This is to update you that Aspose.Cells and Aspsoe.Slides are FIPS Compliance. It is always recommended to use the latest version of the APIs. As latest version contains new features, updates and bug fixes. Furthermore we will confirm you about Aspose.Words & Aspose.PDF FIPS Compliance very soon.


Thanks Ikram.
Can you please update about the FIPS Compliance for ASPOSE.Words and ASPOSE.PDF as well?



This is to update you that Aspose.Pdf is also FIPS Compliance. We are looking in Aspose.Words for FIPS Compliance. We will update you very soon about our findings.


Thanks for confirming the FIPS compliance for Aspose.Pdf - Will wait for your update on FIPS compliance for Aspose.Words.

Thanks & Regards,



We will update you soon. Thank you.



This is to update you that Aspose.Words is also FIPS Compliance. It has been verified.


Thanks very much Ikram for confirming.
One additional clarification - Can you please update which version of these components were verified for FIPS compliance?



Latest versions were tested and found compatible with FIPS.


Thanks very much Ikram for confirming.



You are welcome.