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Aspose.Total for .NET OR for SharePoint


I am not sure which product to trial Aspost.Total for SharePoint OR Apose.Total for .NET.

We need Aspose to help us achieve the following:
Take a Word/Excel/Powerpoint/PDF document (stored in SharePoint 2013), say doc1.doc and using metadata from SharePoint we want to be able to create a NEW document by placing the doc1 SharePoint metadata at the top of the page and then inserting the doc1.doc content as the document content, and also give each page a header and footer. Then we want to store this NEW document as a PDF (ie. doc1.pdf). I understand that I will use the SharePoint API to get the document and it's metadata and to save the new pdf in the correct locations... it's the process in between that i'm expecting Aspose to help me with.

Which product will help us achieve this more accurately?
Which product will also help us create web parts and application pages in SharePoint? An example of what we would want to do is: we want to write an application that will, based on a quick filtered search, display a group of documents and then allow the user to perform bulk actions to update document metadata... I can probably write this using standard SharePoint API, but am wondering which product would be able to assist in writing this code/logic.

I need to make a decision so I can start coding, could you please provide some clarity as to which product would best suit our situation.


Hi Danielle,

There are some limitations if you want to use our SharePoint components e.g.

  • Limited number of features are supported (conversion and mail merge for Word documents and conversion features for other formats). In your case, you want to generate new documents by merging documents and inserting headers/footers or some other data. Not all of these features are supported by our SharePoint Components.
  • SharePoint 2013 is supported by Aspose.Words and Aspose.Cells for SharePoint only.

Keeping these restrictions in view, Aspose.Total for .NET looks more suitable in your case as it provides a lot of features including your requirements. The only restriction in Aspose.Total for .NET APIs is that you will have to build your own web parts using Aspose APIs at backend.

Best Regards,