Aspose.Total via MSDN Subscription and Partner DVD


I have an MSDN Professional Subscription. I requested and received the MS Partner DVD for Visual Studio 2005. The DVD indicates that the product supplied is a “Full Version”. Clicking the link then leads to an “evaluation” link only. Selecting this link requests the product key from the DVD. Whether I enter this with or without hyphens it is “invalid”. Installing from an explorer window and navigating to setup does not provide any facility to key an id and installs a demo only. Can you clarify please ? (I’ve attached a pdf to illustrate the sequence of events)



Thank you for the post and the for the very helpful PDF. The DVD is incorrect, our product included on the DVD is a trial version. Your post is the first we've heard of this error. I will be contacting Microsoft to share with them about the mistake. I apologize for your troubles. Please let me know if there is any other way that I can help and I will be more than glad to.