Aspose.Word 1.2 features


We had many questions on what is going to be included in Aspose.Word 1.2 and when it will be available. This topic is to answer all those questions.

1. Headers and footers
2. Embedded images
3. Mail merge from a DataSet (hierarchical or one-to-many relationships)
4. Tables and content in the document can dynamically grow (repeat) to accomodate for the numer of records in the tables during mail merge.
5. Mail merge from a DataReader
6. Insert images during mail merge
7. Office drawings (possibly)

1st March is the planned release date.

Beta 1 that includes headers, footers and images release 11th Feb.
Beta 2 that includes mail merge from a DataSet release around 23rd Feb.



I forgot to ask - in this or any previous version

a) are bookmarks supported?
b) is word document protection/locking supported? (this should just be a flag in the file?!)


Please elaborate on the protected document feature. Do you want to be able to open
> protected documents and merge to them or do you want to be able to product protected
> documents? How do you plan to use it? This will help us decide when to implement
> protected document support

Hi RomaK. We actually purchased Aspose word (Dept of Justice in WA) - but it would be useful if we could create a protected document.

All we wish to do is to create a document, then hopefully set it to ‘protected’ before saving. I can’t imagine it’s a big deal - maybe just a ‘flag’?!

What we would like to use Aspose.Word for is to
a) Create a new document based upon a .dot (which contains an image)
b) Programmatically go to each bookmark and insert the text
c) Set the document as protected (i.e. read only)
d) Save the doc


Hi Jat,

I seem to have posted a reply but it somehow got lost.

1. Images will be supported in Aspose.Word 1.2, in fact I’m releasing a beta later today that supports images.

2. You can open .doc or .dot documents

3. Why don’t you use mail merge fields instead of bookmarks to insert text into the document? We promote using mail merge fields for this purpose because we think they are easier to manage for the user. Let me know if you have to use bookmarks and cannot use mail merge fields, why? Examples for to mail merge are available in the documentation and in the demos with the product.

4. Document protection. I will try to include it in todays beta release.


Hi all,

Aspose.Word 1.1.2 is released and contains new features. Please check out more details here

Document protection is not yet included, but will be included in a few days.


Hi Jat,

Please try again, the proper version is certainly there. Maybe you just tried too early.

Protection is not included in todays release, but will be ready in 2-3 days.
Do you want to be able to just set protection on/off without the password or you require the password to be supported too? Supporting password might turn out tricky and could not be implemented quickly.

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Any chance you can email me the v1.2Beta, as the dll that I download via that link is dated 22/01/04


From Jat:

Finally - I was asking about opening a template. If I open a template with the control (a .dot), does it open a NEW document based upon that template, or does editing using the control actually change the template (the .dot) itself.


Hi Jat,

1. You can open any document (.dot or .doc) using Aspose.Word
2. When you MailMerge.Execute() it creates a new document in memory.
3. You control where to save the new document by specifying file name or destination stream. Therefore if you save to new file, you will get a new file. If you save to the same .dot filename you will override your template.


Hi Jat,

It seems that I can implement the document protection feature okay, but I question whether it is enough for your needs.

It is very easy to remove protection from Word documents. One notable way of doing this is to save the document as HTML or RTF, remove the protection, open document in Word and save as .doc file again.

If you want to prevent users from accidentally modifying document text that will be okay, but if you require more security than that you should look at other approaches.

For example, you might wish to save the document as Pdf file, not doc. Use Aspose.Pdf for that to create the output document directly or wait until mid March when Aspose.Report is out to open .doc document, mail merge and save as Pdf file.


Hi Romank,

Is there a way using the AsposeWord api to password protect a word document?
Is there capability using the api to convert a word document into a PDF document?
Are there any service packs/ hotfixes I need to use any of the above features?



Hi shyam,

Yes, you can protect a document using Document.Protect and Unprotect methods in Aspose.Word. This feature was available in 1.2 release, but it is always a good idea if you download latest hotfix which is 1.2.2 now.

However, you cannot specify your own password because we don’t know how Word hashes the password, so Aspose.Word will generate some random hash. This limitation was okay to most of the users because they want to send the generated document to the clients and don’t really want them to be able to unprotect anyway.

We are working on PDF output right now. Experimental (and very limited) is available in the latest Aspose.Word 1.2.2 release. At the moment it requires Aspose.Pdf to be used too, but this has not been finally decided yet. There should be a good working release by the end of April, maybe not supporting all document features, but most of them.