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Aspose.Word changes document's font size

I’m evaluating Aspose.Word and I have found a problem with a particular document. If I open it and save it again (just that), aspose.word changes the font size from a particular point on.

Is it part of the evaluation watermark, as random text? I suppose it isn’t, because it always happens at the same point.

I’ve tried to select the whole text in the original document and set the font and font size again, but it doesn’t work. I have the last build of the component (

Thank you

Please send the documents and your code to me to and we will have a look at the issue.

I have that same issue as well. When doing a merge, I even step through the code and notice that the DocumentBuilder’s font size is set to ‘7’ or even ‘8’ and yet when it saves it is always size 10.

I have more info about this problem. I’ve been testing with Aspose sample documents, and it happens with some of them (AlternatingRowsDemo, MailingLabelsDemo, ProductCatalogDemo, SalesInvoiceDemo).

Steps to reproduce it: select a fragment of text (or all text) in the template and change font size. After running the application, you can see that old font size has been preserved in the resulting document. If you also change font type in the template, the final document will have the new font type with the old font size.

Hope this help to solve the problem…

Please try Aspose.Word 2.1.10, for more info see

My documents work fine with this new release. I had to reinstall Aspose samples, but now they also work.

Thank you!