Aspose.Word demo not working on test server


I'm trying to get the demo of Aspose.Word version working on a test server but it's failing with the following error:

File or assembly name Aspose.Word, or one of its dependencies, was not found.

I first tried copying across Aspose.Word.dll along with the other applications files to the relevant path on the test server, which I thought should have worked. I then tried copying across the file Aspose.Word.xml, running the Aspose setup on the server, installing Aspose.Word.dll in the GAC and restarting the server - but all to no avail. The component is working fine on my development machine.

Can anyone help out with this please?



Hi Steve,

Please specify, do you make an ASP.NET project and want it to be deployed on a test web server?


The project I'm working on is a .NET COM component that compiles as a DLL. It's used by an ASP driven web site. I haven't deployed through VStudio .Net, I've simply copied all files including Aspose.Word.dll across to the application path on the test server. The test server is running Windows 2000 Server and my development machine is running Windows XP.



Please make sure that you have .NET 1.1 installed on a test server. .NET 2.0 is fine too.


Vladimir wanted to say that if you are sure Aspose.Word.dll is there, then if you by any chance have .NET 1.0 then this will result in the error message you have “one of the dependencies was not found”. Please confirm what .NET framework version you have on the server.


The server doesn't have .NET 1.0, but your suggestions did point me in the right direction and I've now been able to sort the problem. The reason it was happening was because the beta of .NET 2.0 was installed on the server. After having uninstalled the beta all seems to be working fine now.

I haven't yet tested with .NET 1.1 and the official release of .NET 2.0 on the same machine, but it'd be interesting to know if that combination works ok.

Thanks your help guys.



For your info, I've now tested with .NET 1.1 and the official release of .NET 2.0 on the same server and it appears to work ok.



Good to hear that. Your information is very useful for us too.

Thank you,


This issue has cropped up again and has been causing me more problems, so it looks like I was wrong about the cause being .NET 2 beta. My current conclusions are that the dll only seems to work after adding it to the GAC and performing a restart of the server (I'm not sure if the restart is absolutely necessary but that's what I did). What may have stopped the component working this time around was installing the latest revision of the component on the server, making the version previously in the GAC incompatible.

This does seem a very strange sort of problem that I've not come across before. Any suggestions for a permanent fix would be much appreciated and if anyone else has had similar issues it would be nice to know.



A couple of suggestions:

Try to remove all versions of Aspose.Word and your component from GAC. Aspose.Word is generally meant to reside in the application working directory. Also I suggest you uninstall the Aspose.Word from test server.

On your developer machine remove the reference to Aspose.Word from your project, put Aspose.Word.dll in bin dir of project directory and add a reference to it using Add Reference|Projects tab.

After successful build just copy both dlls (your component and Aspose.Word.dll) to test server appilication directory. You'lll probably have to register your component by regsvr too.

The basic idea behind my suggestions is that your component will search for Aspose.Word.dll in local path, not somewhere else. Let's see if it helps.