Aspose.word evaluation


I’m evaluating aspose.word for a specific application we are developing. It needs to be able to read/write to the header. The evaluation version does not seem to have this functionality. if its there, is there any code samples for accessing header/footer ?
If its not available in the current evaluation, Is there any time limited or otherwise evaluation edition that provides the full functionality ?
Thank you



Current version allows to modify data in the header only via merge fields and MailMerge.Execute methods.

Do you mean you need to be able to build header content similar to what you can do with the main document using DocumentBuilder class? This will be supported sometime in July.

How exactly do you want to read data from the header?


Thank you for a quick response !
Here’s what we are tring to achieve,
The documents in our scope has a specific template. In the footer there’s a table with a specific format. and in a predetermined cell there’s the text "Expiry Date : " and a date followed by it. its just text, not a field or anything. I would need to read the date text and replace it with a different date if necessary. Same time I would need to add a text watermark for the document if necessary. These documents are already exisiting documents.

We have currently set it up with word automation, as its running as a windows service, we have few problems that’s native to unattended word automatiom. I’m looking into using your component to replace the exisiting word automation.



The easiest for you will be to use the Find and Replace functionality when it becomes available. I think it will be released sometime in June.

How do you insert a watermark? Is it just an image or a drawing shape you insert into the header or footer?


Yes, currently I use word’s find/replace function.

The watermark is just text. Functionality is completed with word automation and we dont have any problem with it. We only have couple of issues that’s native to automating word from unattented application.

I’m looking forward to your next release. Is the find/replace implemented as we can execute it only in a given section ? for example, I would only need to replace the text within the footer. I wouldnt want it replacing it within the entire doucment.



Does anyone have a timeline when the following features will be available ?

Find/replace text within a section (e.g. Header or footer)
Add/remove watermarks




1. If your watermark consists of shapes or pictures then you can remove it using Section.DeleteHeaderFooterShapes() method, there is a related discussion Watermarks.

2. Find and Replace should be available sometime in August-September. Sorry, cannot give more exact estimate at this time.


Aspose.Word 2.0.2 has a new Range.Replace method that allows for simple find and replace. For more info see