ASPOSE Word for Cloud

HI support team,
There are two questions, the first is, we currently use liboffice but because of performance problems, we want to find other suites, currently tentatively ASPOSE Word & ASPOSE CELL

  1. Our related services are all placed on the cloud, so there will be multiple cloud pods, I want to know if it is used? What are the billing methods?
  2. We currently use the nuget suite is using your company’s products, but for Word, the useful part of the font will be converted to pdf, which will cause the version to run out, I want to ask if there is a way to solve it

ASPOSE.7z (225.8 KB)


  1. You can find the pricing information here:
    If you have additional questions about procing and billing, you can contact our sales team in Aspose.Purchase forum.

  2. I cannot reproduce the problem on my side. Here is output produced on my side using the following simple code:

Document doc = new Document(@"C:\Temp\in.docx");

out.pdf (53.4 KB)

The problem might occur because the fonts used in your input document are not available on the machine where document is converted to PDF. The fonts are required to render document. If Aspose.Words cannot find the font used in the document, the font is substituted. This might lead into fonts mismatch and document layout differences due to the different fonts metrics. You can implement IWarningCallback to get notifications when font substitution is performed.