ASPOSE WORD Image showing problem

Can not see any image in the html report when ASPOSE WORD is being used

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Thanks for your inquiry. Could you please provide more information about your problem and attach your RDL report and output document? We will investigate the problem and try to help you.
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Hi ,
I attached rdl and output html files.This is simple image linked to the report the image is showing on the doc but not in the HTML import.
And I have another question when uploading Image in a html editor image are being saved on the disk but the html on the data base . Now how can show those images in the ASPOSE reports when rendering as html(AWHTML) or DOC(AWDOC).Please help me out.
Arpan Paul

This might happen because by default images are saved to the Windows temporary folder (C:\Windows\Temp). Please try to change the path using the following configuration setting:
As to your second question, could you please provide more details of your scenario? This would help me to understand what you need to achieve.

I have tried that too but it isn’t working.

Again, I need your data source here. I noticed that images may not be displayed when exporting them into the Windows temporary directory but all is fine on my side when I specify the path using the config option mentioned above. So I need your data source to reproduce this.