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Aspose.word-Issue with tables


1.How to insert tables and bullets to doc by using Aspose.Word (Professional Edition)

2.How Edit existing document programmatically with out using any mail merge features

i.e.: inserting/modifying a paragraph in between two existing paragraphs on the fly programmatically

Please help

  1. At the moment, the only way to insert tables and lists into a document is to use repeatable merge regions. Basically you need to create one row or one list item in the document in MS Word, insert repeatable region start and end fields and data fields. Then you can execute MailMerge.ExecuteMergeWithRegions and that part of the document will grow to create a table or a list. For sample code see the Invoice demo where invoice items are inserted into a table.

    2. Full range of programmatic document content manipulation is not yet supported.
    To add/remove and move sections inside and between documents use Document.Sections.
    To insert content and formatting use the DocumentBuilder class.

    DocumentBuilder internally has a cursor and inserts content at the cursor. You can move the cursor using MoveToStart, MoveToEnd and MoveToMergeField methods. Later we will add MoveToBookmark method.

    Soon, we will add methods to DocumentBuilder that will allow to programmatically create tables and lists - estimated release end of this week.


Aspose.Word 1.4.4 is out that allows to insert tables into a document programmatically.