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ok first off is there a version available for Classic ASP?

Ok now if we have to upgrade to ASP.NET my next question is this. We have a script program that we are creating that uses scripts (Calling scripts) created in Word which basically tells the user how to do a phone call to a certain client. Now the scripts change alot and we need to insert data from a database into these scripts. Right now we save the word doc as HTML and then insert the necessary ASP code in the HTML, and thats how we show the script. My question is can we have aspose handle this and pull the data from a database and would we have variable references inside the word document? Why I ask is cause we want to be able to allow the user to update the Word document themselves and leave us out of it. To recreate the scripts the classic asp way is very much a large burden.

Can Aspose.Word do what I need it to do?


Thank you for considering Aspose.

1) Aspose.Word might surely be used from classic ASP and no separate version is needed for this. Please read this topic:

2) Your task looks pretty custom, sorry, I can't directly map all the steps you described to Aspose.Word capabilities, but that's what I can state:

- Export to HTML is possible.

- Aspose.Word doesn't deal or interoperate in some way with Word macros.

- Document variables are supported.

Please elaborate description of your task if it appears like I misunderstood you.

Document variables are supported.

Does that mean a user can determine a variable in a document via some sort of syntax and then when the document is put up on a website it will allow variables to be inserted from a database when a user opens the doc from the web?

You gave good answers. I wanted it to only work on .NET though as I want to entice my boss to go to .NET.... :)

I also get this I missing something? I installed the MSI and this is from that sample code...

Error Type:
Microsoft VBScript runtime (0x800A01AD)
ActiveX component can't create object: 'Aspose.Word.Document'
/Aspose/doc.asp, line 20

Working with document variables is performed via the Variables collection that is returned by the Document.Variables property. So I can answer to your question in the affirmative - if we are talking about the same things of course.

This is the well-known and probably the most annoying error for us because we still have no luck in our attempts to reproduce it - it never occurs on our machines. Basically, we recommend the following steps which might help in some cases:

- Install Aspose.Word with MSI installer so it properly registers COM.

- Check the registry for presence of the appropriate entries.

- Play with IIS settings.

- Try to reinstall Aspose.Word or IIS or both.

Please search the forum for this error, you should find more details there. We replied to such the requests repeatedly so some posts should contain links to other threads related to the problem.

One more point, you will forget about this issue once you switch to .NET Smile [:)]

I tried installing SP1 of Framework 1.1 and then reinstalled Aspose again but to no avail.