Aspose Word questions (technical)

We are currently using Word 2007/10 automation to import fairly large HTML reports (headers and tables) into a word document which serves as template. The HTML document can be 5 to 80 Mbytes. Most of the time that does work fine but some customer deployments experience issues. The process works fine but requires word and it takes too long. We do the following:
1.) Open the Word template document which is standard .DOC and contains VBA macros
2.) Replace a tag inside of 1.) with our generated HTML + CSS report
3.) Run some VBA macros which auto-size the table and auto generate TOC, update page number

Our questions:
1.) Can this be done with Aspose.Net Word ? How would the macros be run to resize the tables ?
2.) Will this run more stable and up to what report size in MB will this work ? Are HTML + CSS conversion to DOC supported ?


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Hi Michael,

Thanks for your interest in Aspose.Words.

  1. Unfortunately, there is no way to run macros in Aspose.Words. But, you can try converting your macros into a routine, which uses Aspose.Words.
  2. Yes you can convert HTML+CSS to DOC using Aspose.Words. But I cannot guaranty that you will be able to process 80MB HTML document. It is too large as for HTML format. Even if you will be able to process such document, it will take long time to process it. Of course, the time also depends on content of your document.

Best regards,