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Aspose.word with .Net Framework Ver 2.0

On attempting to install Aspose.word on a win2k server with .Net Framework Ver.2.0 installed the Aspose.wod installer does not appear to recognize the .Net framework installed and will not install the applications. Is Aspose.word compatibile with .Net Framework Ver.2.0? Any ideas on how to get Aspose to install?


When .NET 2 was out we made sure Aspose.Word would install and work okay. Will recheck in the next 2-3 days.

Thank You. .Net framework was installed from SDK.


I attempted to install Aspose.Word once again. Using a different machine I installed the native .Net framework onto a Windows 2K/SP4 server running IIS5.0. The .Net Framework install completed without any errors or warnings. I reset the computer and once again attempted to install Aspose.Word using the provided installer. Immediately, the installer halted installation and provided an error messaged that "Aspose.Word requires .Net framework version 1.0##." To no avail the Aspose.Word install failed.. I look forward to your experience.

I notice I could download the DLL seperately. Is it possible to gain access to the examples, API and Demo's seperately?

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.


Unfortunately, Demo and example source code are not available separately.

API is available for download:

This maybe helpful to the forum. On the abovementioned configuration I un-installed MS .Net framework 2.0 from the Win 2k SP4 with IIS 5.0. Once reset I then download the native version of .Net framework ver 1.1 from MS site and once again installed it on the same computer no errors or warning were provided during the install. Once completed, I reset and attempted to install Aspose.Word using the provided installer. In this instance the Aspose.Word was successful. This leads me to believe that the Aspose.Word installer does not correctly identify .Net framewor ver 2.0. I will attempt to run the demos using .Net framework ver 1.1, if successfull I will un-install .Net framework ver1.1. and upgrade to .Net framework 2.0 to determine if Aspose.Word is compatible with this server / Aspose.Word configuration.

Update: I have attempted to build the DEMO project using the MS Web Developer 2005 express edition and run it on the 1.1 framework. The DEMO website attempts to compile; however, several critical errors and numerous cautions, saying "that the dll module has invailid CLR's." Attempting to run the application appears to work and the frst default screen appears; however, crashes once a item to demo is selected.

Has anyone else experienced this?

How did you get around it ?

Is the Aspose.Word DLL compatible with the most curent version of MS Web Developer?

Looks like the build number of .NET 2.0 changed again, now I fixed the installer's SupportedRuntimes option to: 1.0.3705;1.1.4322;2.0.40607;2.0.50215;2.0.50727. This allows Aspose.Word installer to proceed on .NET 2.0 release.

I also tested on MS Web Developer 2005 Express. The demo projects are for VS.NET 2003 and a conversion wizard is invoked. There is only one problem in the C# demo - a reference to Aspose.Pdf.dll is not copied. As a workaround you can add a reference to Aspose.Pdf manually and the demo project will compile and run okay. I fixed the reference.

Both fixes will go out in the next hotfix, Aspose.Word 3.3.4 in the next 2-3 days.

Thank you very much for you prompt reply. I look forward to the changes and moving forward on actually testing Aspose.word in our environment.