Aspose Words can't read Microsoft Word/HTML header/footer


HI there, I downloaded the evaluation version of Aspose and trying to implement them in a project I'm currently working on, and everything works fine, BUT I don't seem to be able to handle HTML appropriately.

The issue is this. Some word documents containing header and footer are converted to Word/HTML format and then transferred to us. From that point I was planning on using Aspose Words to open the document and create a PDF out of it but I noticed that Aspose is not taking into account the _files directory where the headers and images are and it just reads the body of the document. Is there something I'm not doing? or is it that Words does not handle the HTML format generated by Microsoft Word?




HTML files generated by MS Word are rather complex and sometimes are not handled by Aspose.Words correctly.

Please attach the sample file. I will check what could be done.

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