We are using Aspose words 22.10 with Java 8 and CentOS 7.
In this word file we have observed that triangle icon is overlapped in converted PDF,

@rutuja.mahajan I cannot reproduce the problem on my side. But I see that fonts used in PDF produced on my side are different then fonts used in your PDF documents.
Most likely the fonts used in your document are not available in the environment where document is converted. If Aspose.Words cannot find the fonts used in the document the fonts are substituted . This might lead into the layout difference, since substitution fonts might have different font metrics. You can implement IWarningCallback to get a notification when font substitution is performed.

Yes I am getting warning as “Font ‘Unicode’ has not been found. Using ‘Times New Roman’ font instead.”
Is there separate Unicode.ttf available? If yes can you provide that please?

@rutuja.mahajan No, I do not have Unicode font installed on my side either. But as I can see this font is not required for rendering your document to PDF. Aspose.Words does not warns about it’s substitution on my side.

Have you tried it on Linux OS?

@rutuja.mahajan I have rechecked conversion in Linux Docker and the requested fonts are the following:

  • ‘Times New Roman’
  • ‘Courier New’
  • ‘Symbol’

I put them into the fonts folder and the document is converted fine:

Document doc = new Document("/temp/in.doc");
doc.setFontSettings(new FontSettings());
doc.getFontSettings().setFontsSources(new FontSourceBase[] {new FolderFontSource("/temp/fonts/", true)});
doc.setWarningCallback(new FontSubstitutionWarningCollector());"/temp/out.pdf");

out.pdf (227.0 KB)

Here are the fonts in my fonts folder: (3.9 MB)