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Aspose.Words.dll not running in an SSRS environment

I'm using Aspose.Words.dll - NOT the Aspose.Words.ReportingServices.dll...

I'm writing a custom assembly for use in an SSRS report. The custom assembly exposes 1 function that loads a string of html into Aspose, then Aspose saves the string as a memory stream containing a bitmap, then the bitmap is returned by the function. Aspose functions correctly when I call my custom assembly in a C# console app test harness.

However when I try to use my custom assembly in an SSRS report the conversion function fails with no error and I get the empty box with a red X where I wanted to see my bitmap.

The only difference between the code running in my test harness and the code running in SSRS is that my test harness runs under my user account and SSRS is running under the Network Service account. Could this somehow be the problem?

Any help on this issue would be greatly appreciated as Aspose is doing a great job converting the html, we just can't get it to run correctly in SSRS.


Thanks for your inquiry. If you are accessing bitmap image over intranet, please use the following configuration settings in your application. Hope this helps you. If you still face problem, please share your RDL file along with your code for investigation purposes.




<httpWebRequest useUnsafeHeaderParsing=“true” />




HttpWebRequestElement webRequestSettings = new HttpWebRequestElement();
webRequestSettings.UseUnsafeHeaderParsing =