Aspose.Words Document.Save. Is there a way to clear cache between saves


I have a situation where I want to save 2 copies of a document. If I have comments in a document, I will first save with those comments, then I want to save without the comments. The issue is that when I save the second time it includes the comments.

If I clear comments without saving first, I get the desired result without comments, but I do not get the document with comments as well.

Is there a way to reset this / clear cache before trying to save the same document a second time?

Here is a code snippet:

var doc = new Document("c:\\temp\\MyDocument.docx");
// I am using PdfSaveOptions for specific reason.
SaveOptions saveOptions = new PdfSaveOptions()
    SaveFormat = SaveFormat.Pdf
docToSave.Save("c:\\temp\\myOutPut_rev.pdf", saveOptions);
doc.GetChildNodes(NodeType.Comment, true).Clear();
docToSave.Save("c:\\temp\\myOutPut.pdf", saveOptions);


As a note, I was able to clone the document and save the clone with my desired results.


Please call the Document.UpdatePageLayout method before saving to PDF the second time (after clearing the comments). Hope, this helps.

Hi Awais,

That was what I needed.

Thank you