Aspose.Words Font ArgumentException when saving in Html format


We have been using Aspose.Words ( fully licensed) to process 120,000 plus word documents and have run into a slight issue regarding fonts. Aspose is raising an “ArgumentException” with the message “Font ‘Tempus Sans ITC’ cannot be found.” where “Tempus Sans ITC” is a number of different fonts depending on the document being processed.
The process we are using takes a word document (doc, docx, rtf etc…), applies a page of extra information, and then saves the resulting document in three formats: document, text and Html. The error occurs when the process attempts to save the document in Html format, all other formats save without a problem. After examining a couple of example documents it would appear that the problem is caused by an un-recognised / missing font and WordArt.
What I was wondering is there a work around or someway I can provide Aspose an alternative Font to use? We are already removing all images from the document before saving () so losing the font on the WordArt would not potentially be a big issue.
) By removing shapes with ImageData (from previous forum example) and handling the “HtmlExportImageSaving” event.
I have provided a couple of anonymised example documents which will hopefully help with the investigation. Let me know if you need any more examples (we have a reasonably amount!) as I suspect the error won’t happen if the test machine has the “missing” font.
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Thanks for your inquiry. We just released new version of Aspose.Words (8.1.0). Could you please try with new version? And let me know how it goes on your side. I cannot reproduce the problem with latest version.
You can download this version from here:
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Thanks for the very swift reply, I have re-tested the documents in question and yes that seems to have fixed the issue!