Aspose.Words for displaying tables (copied from a word doc)

Hi there,
My team wants to evaluate the Aspose.Words component for use with our project, and the functionality we’re most interested in is the ability to display rich-formatted text as it was inserted to the database. So our workflow is as follows:
User copies a table from a word document, and pastes it into a field which is then persisted to the database upon saving of the record (just for reference it’s TFS that we are generating reports for). Then we run reports that retrieve those above-mentioned fields, and displays them in an SSRS report. What we are finding is that the table that was originally pasted in to the field of the TFS ticket by the user, is now being displayed in the SSRS report as an ordered-list (ie. no grid/table format). We have observed that the table does persist to the database in something like an HTML tagged table, so it looks like it would be easy to display it in the SSRS report, however, the default MS report renderer either strips off the tags, or simply ignores them. Similarly, we tried using the Aspose.Words renderer (exporting to both DOC and HTML format), and it was a similar issue.
Can you confirm that A) this is the default behavior? (ie to not render a formatted table), and B) if A is true, is it possible to override your rendering functionality with our own custom function that looks for tables and then displays them in grid format?
Hopefully my above description is clear enough, but feel free to ping on me for more details if you need them.
Rustam Kasad

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Thanks for your request. If some content is stored as HTML in your data base, you can use EnableHTMLFormatting option to display it properly. Please see the following link for more information:
Hope this helps.
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