Aspose.Words for Java 2.4.1 Released

This is an unusual release. Most releases of Aspose.Words for Java are fixes, improvements or new features ported from the Aspose.Words .NET baseline. But this one is Java-only release.
What’s New

  • Support for JDK1.6. Although Aspose.Words jar for JDK1.5 works fine under JVM1.6, “native” 1.6 class files can be loaded more efficiently by the Java 6 Virtual Machine. Several sources state up to 15-20% performance improvement. Therefore we now include a separate Aspose.Words jar built for JDK1.6.
  • No more external libraries. Since this release all external libraries are obfuscated into Aspose.Words jar – you can see only license files. No more jar hell.
  • JavaDoc improvements. We use our own javadoc generation tool that better fits Aspose.Words structure so the user can get help more easily. The tool automatically generates documentation both .NET and Java API reference from single .NET XML documentation. Most noticeable thing in this release fixes so the documentation is displayed inside IDE’s “quck-doc” windows (such as IntelliJ IDEA Ctrl-Q) correctly.

Aspose.Words for Java has matured since its first release in January 2006. There is more than one thousand of classes in the project at the moment. Several thousands unit tests help us to maintain the project quality. There are three JDK options supplied to users (so we have to multiply all this by three).

For this release, we have completely reengineered the project structure and testing and release processes to match the new level of project complexity so we can further develop the product.
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