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Aspose.Words for java Version 10.2 and SmartTags


We got a problem with copying smarttags from one document to another. The problem is reproducible with our source-code and our documents. I attached sample documents befor and after the error occurred. If the error occurred, the document is destroyed, if the SmartTags Option in Word is on. We are using Word 2003 btw.
So this is the way we are producing the error:
1. Copying all Nodes between the bookmarks from “Befund - voll”. Note: The date between this bookmarks is a SmartTag!
2. Replacing the placeholder “<<D(1,2)+K(61522) Beispiel>>” from document “Hauptdokument - leer” with the copied nodes.
3. The result of this action is the document “Hauptdokument - voll - ok”. This version of the document is ok, so far.
4. Opening the docmuent “Hauptdokument - voll - ok” with Word 2003 will show you a valid Word document. The placeholder is replaced with the nodes from “Befund - voll”. After you waited(Don’t do nothing! Do 2-3 clicks, scroll around a bit, etc. But don’t leave the textarea. So no clicks at the menu etc…) some time (approx 10-30 seconds), you can save the document and leave Word.
5. This saved version of the document (“Hauptdokument - voll - defekt”) is corrupted! The document is destroyed… So if you open the document “Hauptdokument - voll - defekt”, you will get an error.

We reproduced this failure on 3 PCs! At the moment, we are using a simple workaround: Disable SmartTags in Word… But this is not a good solution…

Thanks for your help!

Hi Frank,

Thanks for your inquiry. Unfortunately, it is difficult to say what the problem is without code. I need your code to reproduce the problem on my side. Could you please create and attach here a simple little console application that enables us to reproduce this issue on our side? I will investigate the issue and provide you more information.

Best Regards,

Hello awais.hafeez!

Our sourcecode is not easy to ease…
It will take some time to write an easy application which reproduces the problem and is near to our code.

I’ll set this to my agenda, but don’t wait for the code. It will take some weeks. I’ll post the code into this thread if it is ready.

So, thank you for your answer!