Aspose.Words for Reporting Services still shows " Evaluation Only"

We recently purchased Aspose.Words for Reporting Services and we saved the XML license file to the BIN folder as
described in the instructions, but we’re still receiving the “Evaluation
Only” banner. Any ideas on how to resolve this problem.

Appreciate your support.

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Thanks for your request. Could you please attach your license file for testing? Also please make sure that license was created for Aspose.Words for Reporting Service. Just open your license file using NotePad and you should see the following tags.
Aspose.Words for Reporting Services
Best regards.

As requested, please find attached my license file. I apprecaite your support.

Thanks for additional information. The license file should have name “Aspose.Words.Reporting.Services.lic”. Please make sure that you license has correct name.
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Hi Alexey,
You shouldn’t request the customer to attach any license in the forums due to secruity consideration. If necessary ask the customer to post the license file to your email. I have removed the license and I will be going to email the license to you.

Hello, The copy on the server does have the “.lic” extension, it’s just that I had to change it to a text file to be able to upload it to your forum. Thanks, Frank

I mean that you should remove “[1]” from name of license file. When you download files using IE, IE adds [1] after first dot in the file name.
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Aha, BINGO! That worked perfect. Thank you very much!!!