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Aspose.Words:Label and data required on same page


There are two labels in my word doc say L1 and L2.I have 2 bookmarks B1(after label L1) and

B2(after label L2), where I want to insert data from db.However, sometimes it may happen tht B1 data is such that only L2 comes on same page as that of L1 and B1 while B2 comes in nxt page.

However, my requirement is in any case L2 and B2 shld be on same page.Plz suggest if this can be achieved through aspose.

The solution I thought was if ,after entering L1 and B1 data, we enter L2 and if we can chk is the current page has ended(tht is IsNewPage), and may be then delete L2 and enter L2 and B2 in new page.

Plz reply asap.


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Thanks for your request. Could you please attach sample document here for testing? I will check the issue and provide you more information.

Also, please attach your output document and expected output. This will help me to understand your requirements better.

Best regards.