Aspose Words License not working

I am using license 18.7.0 version of Aspose words and my license file says the below


I am getting the Iicense.IsLicensed property as true but I still get the evaluation message.

Can you help.License.png (11.2 KB)

@shubhu1953 Please check the following points:

  • Make sure your call to SetLicense gets executed. Step through in the debugger.
  • Make sure your code does not catch an exception thrown by Aspose.Words licensing code. For example, Aspose.Words will throw if it cannot find the license.
  • Make sure the input documents do not already have the evaluation message. Aspose.Words does not delete existing evaluation messages.
  • Make sure SetLicense is executed before you instantiate any Document object.

Thanks the fourth point was my problem. All resolved now

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