Aspose.Words Problems with Accent Characters

I’ve reviewed the knowledge base and previous support form requests and not found a solution - although it appears we are not the only ones that have encountered this problem.

We use Aspose.Words to create personalized content in which we include customer’s names in the MS Word document we create. Aspose.Words converts the personalized Word doc to a PDF. In the conversion to PDF accent characters are replaced with garbage characters. For example, ö becomes three unrelated characters. This is the case with all accent characters. I’m assuming Aspose.Word is used in Europe and other countries where accented names are common so I suspect this problem has been addressed.

Can you help with this problem? Many thanks ~

@adventurousbooks Could you please provide the example document and the problematic PDF output? We will check it and provide you more information.

Here’s a cropped screen print image of the output.
accent issue 206544.jpg (62.4 KB)

The name should be Sirviö - not as undicated in attached screen print. This error is occurin throughout the Aspose.Word generated PDF.

Hoping this helps.

To further comment - the screen print is the output from our MS Words to PDF via Aspose.Words. The merged Word document before conversion via Aspose.Words renders correctly it’s the conversion to PDG via Aspose that creates the odd characters as seen in the previously attached screen print.

Of note - when we use MS Word to merge and create PDF (within MS Word not using Aspose.Words) the accent renders correctly.

@adventurousbooks Unfortunately screenshot is not enough to reproduce the issue. Could you please attach the merged docx document and problematic output PDF document?

Is there a way to do so privately rather than public forum?

It is safe to attach documents in the forum. Your attachments can be downloaded only by you and Aspose staff.
If you are still not comfortable to attach your documents in the forum, you can send them via private message in the forum, just click my login and then press Message button.

Thank you. Will do…

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