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Aspose.Words same code cross environment odd behavior

@amjad.sahi When I add fonts over Linux server now images are capturing exactly same as Excel sheet.
Now in same word where I am pasting images, we are adding some notes/paragraphs too. So what this functionality is we are adding continued in the header if any paragraph keep continue from one page to another. I will add Continued in the paragraph heading if it’s continue from one page to another it may be parent header node or maybe child node which is getting continue to another page. Like

Page 1

bla bla bla …

end of page



We see above if India is a header of a paragraph if the content of India header keeps continue till end of 1st page we add continued(these are new lines) if we push 2 lines 2 rows shift to another page. First we split all the word pages and after adding continued we merge all the pages using apache POI. Now the problem is before adding font folder in Linux server this Paragraph functionality working fine after addition of this its adding blank pages.


It is nice to know that after adding fonts, it works fine on your end now.

Probably, you are using Aspose.Cells to capture images only from Excel spreadsheets and the rest of your tasks (e.g., inserting images to MS Word documents, adding notes/paragraphs to the document and manipulating Word document, etc.) are done via Aspose.Words API. So kindly post your issue with sample files and code in Aspose.Words forum where one of our fellow colleagues from Aspose.Words team will assist you soon.

@amjad.sahi can you move my convo to word team, so they can read this conversation.


I have moved to Aspose.Words forum. One of our colleagues will assist you soon.

@ravikmr474 @Madan.lal MS Word documents are flow documents. To extract pages from MS Word documents it is required to build the document’s layout. If Aspose.Words cannot find the fonts used in the document the fonts are substituted . This might lead into the layout difference, since substitution fonts might have different font metrics and as a result incorrect page detection. You can implement IWarningCallback to get a notification when font substitution is performed.
The same font substitution is performed by the document consumer applications (MS Word, Open Office etc). So for example if the fonts used in your source document are present in the environment where you extract pages using Aspose.Words, but these fonts are not available in the environment where the document is viewed, the document layout might differ due to difference in fonts’ metrics.

I think your not getting my point. On linux server I was not added fonts earlier and I was facing Apose.Cell problem while capturing images. Afterwards I have added fonts in linux server and now I am facing problem in Aspose.word while merging the word docs.

@ravikmr474 I have got your point. Could you please check whether the same fonts are installed in the environment where you process the documents using Aspose.Words (your Linux server) and in the environment where you are viewing the resulting documents?

So we are developing this on windows and everything is working fine here, I have copied windows all fonts and copied it to usr/share/fonts on linux server. Downloading the files from windows after deployment over production over linux.

@ravikmr474 Could you please attach the problematic input document, the output document and code, which will allow us to reproduce the problem.
If the fonts are the same the document should look the same in both environments. Are there any warnings about font substitution on your side?

can we arrange a video call, with us?

@Madan.lal The main place for getting support is this forum. Unfortunately, we do not provide support via phone or video calls.

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