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Aspose XBRL Validation Not Working

What kind of XBRL validations does the Aspose.Finance library support. When I validate the attached XBRL with aspose it gives me an error count of Zero (0) however using a different validator I get around 617 errros (error file attached). Can you please clarify what XBRL validations are performed by the Aspose Finance library. (12.6 KB) (31.9 KB)

Which version of Aspose.Finance are you using as I get timeout exception while loading this file using the latest version Aspose.Finance 20.8 with the following sample code:

XbrlDocument document = new XbrlDocument("Enkuro_Test_XBRL_Filing.xbrl");

You may please share your runnable console application which can be compiled and executed here to reproduce the issue. Also share the third party tool which is returning errors while validating this file.