Aspost Slide - Managing Autoshapes in the ppt

I bought the Aspose Total for Java software licence version 2.2 and due to some issues during the creatin I doenloaded the version 2.3.

We have used Aspose Slide in order to split a presentation a slide collection.

It seems that the ppt autoshapes are not captured properly.

E.G. If i create a ppt, insert a WordArt text (ppt functionality Insert\Picture\WordArt) and try to split the slide collection does not show the WordArt.

How can we resolve this problem? Is it possible to split also the wordArt?

Thanks in advance


If I’m not mistaken slides with wordart objects should be cloned without problem. We will investigate it.
Just in case, could you provide part of code you use for slide cloning please.
Btw, autoshape and wordart object are absolutely different things.

I have looked inside our code and inside aspose.slide API and I have now well understood.

The problem is not related directly with the ppt split functionality.

It is a problem of the thumbnail generated from the slide. I was not able to see the wordArt because the slide doesn't show it.

Inside the API I can see that there is a function (getThumbnail) that is supposed to generate the thumbnail of the current slide. We call it inside our code.

The result is that inside the slide we are not able to see the wordArt.

Maybe we have called it in a wrong way or there is a possible work-around to solve the problem. Please could you help us?

Thanks in advance

Has anyone an update on the previous point?

Rendering of WordArt objects is not supported.

I am not sure if autoshape is supported at all! I have posted a error in another post (with no replies) where I cannot access an autoshape text object. It throws an exception.

Text Error Exception - Free Support Forum -

Regarding autoshapes and how to use them; see these two threads.

Have you got any update on this point?

In future is it scheduled to fix the problem?

Will be the WordArt rendering supported?

Thanks in advance for you answer

We have in our plans to support rendering of WordArt in pptx format because that is part of pptx specification.
For ppt format currently there are no plans to implement it in the nearest future.