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ASPOST with WinForm

Hi, I would like to know how .NET of this package is use with WinForm? Can you give me an example?


Please download the featured demos of Aspose.Drawing for .NET API, open it into VS.NET, evaluate and run different desktop examples for your reference.

I have seen your example in the Github. The result is export the drawing to the .png file. I would like to create something like a button to create the rectangular and then draw it on panel area to create my own scale and shape. Can ASPOST.drawing do this?

Could you please share more details about your requirement? We can generate images of different types using Aspose.Drawings and then place them as background of the button. However it cannot create controls which can be used on some panel.

You may share your desired output which is created by some third party tool for our reference. We will analyze it further and provide assistance accordingly.

I would like to create a program like a Corel Draw or Adobe illustrator on my Window application form (.NET framework). I have found one and I think it as close as possible one which is ‘Vector Draw’

I am afraid that we are still not clear about your requirements. As per our understanding, you want to create different type of images and then use them as buttons and different controls in your application. Please share detailed description about your requirement for our clear understanding along with the expected output created by some third party tool other than Aspose products. We will further analyze your requirement and share our feedback.

Yes, I would like to create a drawing program. I give an example of the program ‘Paint’, there are varies button, such as point, line, rectangular, and circle. After the user select the shape, mouse down on the white area to some shape.

Screenshot 2020-12-11 090123.png (42.3 KB)

Aspose.Drawing can be used to create different drawing objects programmatically however it does not have any visual component to draw shapes as in MS Paint. I am afraid that this task cannot be accomplished using Aspose.Drawing.