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Assignment without Resource


I have a project that does not have resources.

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is possible to create a non-resource assignment?

I’ve tried something like this.

Task tsk1 = proj.RootTask.Children.Add(“TaskTest1”);
var asn1 = proj.ResourceAssignments.Add(tsk1, null);


MSP allows it to be done by setting the work element of a task that you can also achieve using Aspose.Tasks API. Please try the following code sample at your end and let us know your feedback.

Sample Code

Project proj = new Project();
Aspose.Tasks.Task tsk1 = proj.RootTask.Children.Add("Task 1");
tsk1.Set(Tsk.Work, proj.GetDuration(8, TimeUnitType.Hour));


The suggested code generated the MPP file like this:

UsoTarefa3.png (21.2 KB)

In my case, I need to define nonlinear daily work.
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It’s possible?


We are working on this requirement however need little time to provide complete working code. It is logged under Id:TASKSNET-2384 and we will write back here once sample code is ready to share.

Any news?


This is still under investigation and no further information is available about its Fix version. We’ll update you here once some information is available in this regard.

Any news?

How could I code this functionality?


This issue is resolved and will be part of our next release expected in the mid of June 2018. You will be automatically notified once new version is released and available online for download. Once the new dll is available, more detail will be provided to achieve this functionality.

any news?!


Please use the latest version of the API 18.7.1. This has already been fixed.

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